HTMLSettings ImageFolder property does not exist

Hi Bruno,
Do you find the reason why I had this error? I need view as text, remove the following lines:
HTMLSettings.ImageFolder = './'
HTMLSettings.ImageBaseName = 'img'
SearchFooter.ResultFormat = '(%d of %d)'
but once I switch back to "view as Form", the problem came back again.


I cannot see a problem with this.
The only reason I can think of is that your IDE still has a very old TMS Component Pack or TAdvStringGrid package loaded

Do you see at design-time TAdvStringGrid v8.7.1.4?

Verify via menu Component / Install Packages that there are no old version packages and remove old versions when needed.
With a clean setup of only the latest version, there should be no issue.

Thanks Bruno,

I found out I need remove the old TMS Component Pack from PC to get rid of this issue.