TAdvTreeView Eigenschaft GlobalFont.Name existiert nicht

Dear All,

since I installed latest versions of TMS VCl UI Pack at the end of the last year, after reopening forms with TAdvTreeView components, we have this error, stated in the topic.

The same error I have if to create a test project with the only TAdvTreeView component on a form.
I am ready to send the test project to you.

Hier is the error message:

Could it be that something with my library pathes mismatched?

Please your comments...

I suspect you still have an old version design-time package referenced in your IDE.
I suggest to fully uninstall TMS VCL UI Pack. After uninstall verify via menu : Component / Install Packages there are no more TMS VCL UI Pack packages referenced in your IDE and after making sure all is clean, reinstall the latest version of TMS VCL UI Pack.

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