Html support


we use html formatting in text.
We allow nothing special, only bold, italic and numbered list en bullet list.
Numbered list and bullet list are ignored when generating the report and exporting to pdf.

Is there no support for numbered list and bullet list?



The main issue here is that there is no support in Excel for numbered or bullet list. In fact, the only thing that Excel supports inside a cell is to change the font, so that's what FlexCel supports.

You can get  list of currently supported tags here:

It is true that it might be possible to support lists by converting the text 




But that would be a hard-coded conversion: That is we wouldn't end up with a list in Excel, but just plain text. If you added another item in between the Excel text, the numbers wouldn't change.

In any case, let me see if it would be feasible to do such a conversion: If possible we can add it. My main fear here is that it won't probably work as most people would expect, because Excel lacks and support for lists inside its rich text format.

please take a look at it.
We need this only for reporting, so the user never sees the Excel-file, just the final pdf.



Just to let you know we implemented it. As said, it is not a perfect solution because Excel doesn't have bullets, so we manually emulate them by entering bullet characters.

But I think the result is acceptable, and in fact seems to be better than what Excel itself imports.

For example, given this list:

It will be imported to Excel as:

There are some differences because there is some badformed html on purpose for testing (missing closing tags, etc), but all in all I think it is ok. The main issue is that if the text is too long it will wrap to the start of the cell, not keeping the indent. I don't think it is possible to keep the wrapping indented in Excel.
looks good.
How can I get to this? Wait for the next release?


If you need it urgently we can make an internal release for you, if not likely next week there will be an official release.