Custom Format

Hello together,

I use a custom cell format (###.00E+00) in a xls file.
If I print or convert this xls file into a pdf, the format interpretation is not correct.
In my opinion this is a problem in the rendering engine.

To reproduce this problem:
- create a xls sheet in Excel
- format one cell with custom format ###E+00
- enter 0.000012 into this cell
- Excel displays this as 12E-06
- print or convert this Excel sheet into pdf
- pdf displays this value as 1E-05

Could this problem occur from the different calculation method (floating point) of Excel and FlexCel?
We use Excel 2010 and FlexCel

Thank you in advance.


I am on the road now, but I'll check it as I come home. It might be possible, because the formatting we use is the one for Delphi, and it might be different. I'll update once I can look at it.

Ok, following up:

This isn't really a problem with floating point or calculation, but just that we are always showing the most common scientific notation, "normalized" (so you should always show 1.2e-5 and not 12e-6):

But well, from what you can see of that article in the next section "engineering notation", I think you are trying to use that (have the numbers grouped into E+/-(multiple of 3))

About why you see "1e-5" and not "1.2e-5", well this is just because ###E+00 doesn't have decimals, if you used ###E.0+00 it would show 1.2E-5

the rendering engine currently only implements normalized scientific notation (that is, only one digit before the decimal separator). I'll see if we can add this option for arbitrary number of digits before the decimal separator for the new release next week, but I can't guarantee it since the code to deal with this is quite complex. I'll update if this got fixed for next release.