formatted text

I have been asked to support placing RTF text into a spreadsheet. I've seen a variety of suggestions about how ot accomplish the result in VBscript, but am wondering whether there is any support in FlexCel for importing RTF. What I hope to avoid, of course, is having to parse the RTF, discover where to apply formatting, and then do that, programmatically.


Sorry, we don't currently have support for rtf. We do have support for html (via xls.SetCellFromHtml) so if you have a way to convert the rtf to html, this might be a way.

Note also that the RTF support in Excel is very limited: Inside a cell the only thing you can change is the font (font color, size, name).  That's it. You can't format for example half of a cell of one color and half the other, you can't align different parts of the cells differently, etc. So really an RTF to Excel converter would be very bad, and also might not be too difficult to do (as you only have to look into the font changes)

Supporting importing rtf is not into our middle term plans, mostly bcause as said "rich text" in a cell is very limited, and we would a very bad converter anyway.


Thanks! Good to know. The issue will be raised in the near future, and I realize that it's a bad fit to Excel. However, knowing that we can use HTML is excellent. And I know that there are some conversion tools around to get from RTF to HTML, so it doesn't mean we must dive into that ourselves.

Thanks for your great support!