Reading Files demo - html?

I am trying ReadingFiles demo.
Which Excel file returns different response for "Value in Current Cell"  Button for "in html".
The answer is always the same for me. 
For: "Cell XY is a datatype:" ...
and:  "In html:" ....
Neither the xls file generated by the GettingStarted demo returns the expected result.
Independent of the  Format Values button clicked or not.

ReadingFiles is returning the expected result, I am not sure on what you would expect it to return. The text in getting started is a simple string: "Hello to the world" and that is what the Reading files is returning:

  Xls.SetCellValue(1, 1, 'Hello to the world');

There is no html or rich text here.

 The cell is formatted with a red font, because we do:

  fmt := Xls.GetDefaultFormat;  //Always initialize the record with an existing format.
  fmt.Font.Name := 'Times New Roman';
  fmt.Font.Color := clRed;
  fmt.FillPattern.Pattern := TFlxPatternStyle.LightDown;
  fmt.FillPattern.FgColor := clBlue;
  fmt.FillPattern.BgColor := clWhite;

	//You can call AddFormat as many times as you want, it will never add a format twice.
	//But if you know the format you are going to use, you can get some extra CPU cycles by
	//calling addformat once and saving the result into a variable.
	XF := Xls.AddFormat(fmt);
	Xls.SetRowFormat(1, XF2);

But the ReadingFiles demo doesn't return the format of the cell. If you want to see html text, you could change the line:
  Xls.SetCellValue(1, 1, 'Hello to the world');
To be:
  Xls.SetCellFromHtml(1, 1, '<font color="yellow">Hello <font color = "red">to</font> the world</font>');

Try running the demo now, and then the ReadingFiles demo.
It should return:
In html: <font size = ''3'' face = ''Calibri'' color = ''yellow''>Hello&nbsp;</font><font size = ''3'' face = ''Calibri''>to</font><font size = ''3'' face = ''Calibri'' color = ''yellow''>&nbsp;the world</font>'

Maybe you are confusing the "Format" in "Format values" wiht colors, but format here refers to numeric format. That is 1.2 or 1.200 depending on the format.
Well thank you. Understand.
Now I need some time.
I'd like join FLEXCEL to TAdvStringGrid.
Alternatively, FLEXCEL and TSMDBGrid.
Sometimes I need speed, sometimes color.

I have already done one nice thing with Flexcel.
Shape with colored Font. Or bold or italic.
With ApiMate, you can only create a shape with a standard font.
Before Flexcel I did it using OleAutomation


Have you tried
It basically imports and export an Excel file into a grid using FlexCel, and even if you need some special functionality, you can use the code as a base point for the importing/exporting.
I can't use the exe tool. Although the samples look good. I always need the source code. 
Due to special needs. But thank you for the tip.
the Code is also present in advgridfilters.
Well thank you. I have a lot to study now :)