How to plot multiple series using charType scatter

I've been trying to plot multiple series on a single google chart using charttype scatter but have been unsuccessful. I looked at the demo code but it doesn't  have this as an example.  I used the following code. I can plot one series but the minute I try to add another series I get a blank screen  Changing the ChartType to linee does allow me to plot multiple series but it plots the x coordinate on the y axis and uses the ordinal value of the series array for the x axis. Any suggestion where I am going wrong?

Create form, drop Googls chart on the form, add a button and attached this to the button.

procedure TfrmMain.btnPlotsTwoCurvesClick(Sender: TObject);
var y1, y2 : TGoogleChartSeriesItem;
    i : integer;
  y1 := chart.Series.Add;

  y1.Line.PointSize := 8;
  y1.Line.LineWidth := 1;
  y1.ChartType := gctScatter;
  y1.Title := 'Chart One';
  for i := 1 to 10 do
      y1.Values.AddXYPoint (i5, random);

  y2 := chart.Series.Add;
  y2.Line.PointSize := 8;
  y2.Line.LineWidth := 1;
  y2.ChartType := gctScatter;
  y2.Title := 'Chart Two';
  for i := 1 to 10 do
      y2.Values.AddXYPoint (i5, random);



Adding multiple series for the Scatter chart type is unfortunately currently not supported.
We'll have to investigate if this can be supported in a future version.

We can wait for the next version if the functionlity is made available, otherwise we might be able to put something together ourselves. 

The ability to add multiple series for Scatter type charts has been added to TWebGoogleChart.

The update will be included with the next release of TMS WEB Core.


Happy to help!