TWebGoogleChart and lines with timeline

Hi i need 2 Line series on this chart where in X axis i ve a datetime and in Y the values. I tryed AddSinglePoint but is not timeline and points overlaps. Bye

There is at this time not yet an interface to add a date/time as X-axis value.
We'll need to investigate how this can be done in Google Charts and expose this in our class.
As an alternative, you could use TMS FNC Charts with TMS WEB Core where you can have a time X-axis.

can you show me how can i change color (or shape) on a single added point in graph ?
i use it.ChartType := gctLine; and it.Values.AddSinglePoint(46, '1 Ago'); to add a point. I tryed Series[0].Values[0].DataPoint.Color:=clRed; but dont go !

Sorry, that is not possible. Colors apply to the whole series.