TTMSFMXChart - XY Plotter , but with lines added?

( first, doesn't seem to be a FMX Chart group to post in )

Using RIO 10.3.3 

Latest FMX charts components as of last night.

Everything works great.  Only thing I wanna do is to be able to draw lines from a center
position to each X/Y plotted point. Changing color of the lines based on the "intensity" field from
the grid in the screen shot for each plotted point.

This from a LIDAR , so 360 points...  which will update 4 times a second... 

But anyways... I don't think this really needs to be a built in feature, but pondering
what would be the best way to go about it possibly to get actual X/Y cords in the grid
canvas itself so i can manually draw lines maybe? This would be contained in a TScaledLayout also if that messes with anything.

Example, something like this... picking a "center" point and drawing lines from that
point to each plotted point.

While this case, the blob in the middle isn't center in the chart itself,
that is the true center in this case after a bunch of corrections where done.

Would be something I could toggle on and off depending on users delight.


Each series has an ValueToX and ValueToY function that converts the value from the grid to actual X and Y coördinates matching the current view in the chart.


Thanks ... I will give this a whirl! 

I failed badly :(

Can't seem to get X,Y from one point to another properly and it seems the chart repaints draws over my lines... 

Google Drive Share of project @

If anyone wants to looky... 


You need to use the OnAfterDrawChart event, there you can access the Canvas and you can use this event to custom draw lines on top. Alternatively you can add a new series with the points that are drawing the lines instead.

Hmmm ok, I will give that a whirl using the OnAfterDrawChart event.

As for the new series are you suggesting I can create my own series type some how?


With the


You could potentially create your own series, but it would be based on an existing series. There is currently no way to defined a custom series. This, on its own, is a very good suggestion however, and we'll investigate if we could add that option.