Another problem with TWebGoogleChart


I have strange error when I add series to WEBGoogleChart. When I web application in build debug mode everything is ok :) but when I change build to Release. during loading chart I get an error:

pclass.HandleLoaded is not a function

The error is throwing when I do:

What is wrong, for me is it strange that in debug mode everything is ok but the same code in release mode throw an error :)


Did you check our demo? What  are you doing different from our demo?

If a problem persists, can you provide some sample source application with which we can reproduce the problem here so we can investigate it?

In debug console on release build I see this:

[Violation] Added non-passive event listener to a scroll-blocking 'mousewheel' event. Consider marking event handler as 'passive' to make the page more responsive. See
gvjs_kn @ jsapi_compiled_default_module.js:54
gvjs_Q @ jsapi_compiled_default_module.js:53
gvjs_0D @ jsapi_compiled_ui_module.js:348
gvjs_Yfa @ jsapi_compiled_ui_module.js:836
gvjs__L @ jsapi_compiled_ui_module.js:1024
gvjs_.daa @ jsapi_compiled_ui_module.js:1028
gvjs_un @ jsapi_compiled_default_module.js:64
gvjs_.dispatchEvent @ jsapi_compiled_default_module.js:62
gvjs_.q4 @ jsapi_compiled_default_module.js:87

I think that it is problem;


On TMS GoogleCharts demo I have the same error, only in Release build mode.

Can you check this?

In attachement  screen from my environment.


I have retested our demo here when compiling in release mode but I could not see a problem.

Did you test this in multiple browsers?
When you run it in the browser, can you try to perform an empty cache & hard reload?

The cache was cleared in all browsers ... but I have the same error. I checked  this on edge, chrome, firefox and nothing new.

In you can get my release compilation ( with GoogleCharts project.
Try run this on web server and you will see the same error like in picture.
You can compare my release build GoogleCharts.js with yours.



We have now been able to trace and fix this issue.
The update will be available with the next release of TMS WEB Core.
Ok I will wait for the fix.
Yesterday I found that in the release build application function pclass.HandleSelect is the same absent. This function is calling when you select values on the chart.

When can I expect fix to the TWEBGoogleChart?


The issue with HandleSelect has been fixed as well.

We plan an update release today.

Thank you for the info ... it's very good niews :) 

Hi guys from TMS,

The problem with tms web release build  was fixed and all is working properly now :)
Thank you for your support.


Thanks for informing us the issue was resolved!