How to control FNC Ribbon Collapsed state ?

Hi !
FNC Ribbon Page Control has a Collapsable and a Collapsed property. Ok, we can collapse and expand the Page Control, but how to take control over it, without forcing the user to pin & unpin it everytime he collapses the page control?

When the page control is collapsed and then you click on a page tab that will pop it again, it never goes back to the collapsed state unless the user pin&unpin it again. The controls or whatever that has been hidden under the page control remains hidden.

Tried to control it using the page control OnEnter/OnExit, but when OnEnter is fired, Collapsed is always False. There's no "Pinned" property to check, so even if the page control is pinned, Collapsable remains true, so I couldn't figure how could I properly manage it.

Maybe checking Collapsed property through the overlapped controls onenter / onexit ? Neither works.

By using the FNC Ribbon Demo project, I could save the Collapsed value in the richeditor's OnExit, and then restore it in OnEnter.
1- i'd also have to check in OnEnter if the user may have pinned/nailed the page control again while he was out of the richeditor

  if not TMSFNCRibbon1PageControl.Nailed then 
    TMSFNCRibbon1PageControl.Collapsed := MySavedCollapsedState;

, and apparently there's no similar public/published property.

2-To make things worse, when I set TMSFNCRibbon1PageControl.Collapsed := False inside of rich editor's OnEnter event, all the Ribbon turns invisible.
Had surrounded it with the pagecontrol BeginUpdate/EndUpdate and also with the Ribbon BeginUpdate/EndUpdate, and it didn't help.

There must be something I've missed or maybe something that needs adjustment. I would appreciate your help.

We'll investigate this here as soon as possible