TMS FNC RIbbon Control Documentation


I'm starting in use of TMS WebCore visual controls.

I want to use TMSFNCRibbon control for Web but i do not know how can i use correctly.

With the Palette i put the control in the form but i can not insert any control like ToolBar or Button (i try always FNC Controls).

When i insert controls inside the page of Ribbon i do not see when i execute the form. Always appear like original control, without any control i add.

There ara any documentation of this control i web version ?

Thanks !

I have retested this here but I could not reproduce an issue.
The test project created is here (11.9 KB)

Do you use the latest version?
If a problem persists, can you provide more details?

Hi Bruno,

In the contextual menu of the ribbon control there ara one option named "Add Control" and another one named "Add Controls"...

I work with Add Control when the correct option is Add Controls... Here are the compatible controls of Ribbon component.

Continue at this point...

Thanks !!!

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