FMX - TMSFNCRibbon issues


If I colapse TMSFNCRibbon and then try to pin it again, I will get an AV.
This is happend even with your provided demo.

If I use TMSFNCHint in conjunction TMSFNCRibbon and I colapse TMSFNCRibbon, Hint is showing as is standard hint , without HTML capabilities, and color that I settings.
Sometimes, after that, FastMem showing memorry problem when hint is triggered.

If I maximized application and then I do double click on the caption, this is restored but with strange width.
This is happend even with your provided TMSFNCRibbon demo.

We have fixed issue 1 & 2. We are currently investigating issue 3. You can workaround this by actually inheriting from TForm instead of TTMSFNCRibbonForm.

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