Panel expand/compact

There are a couple aspects of the TTMSFNCPanel that spoil the user experience and would be nice to get fixed:

1. Expand button visible, align to bottom: In this configuration the expand button arrow is oriented incorrectly for the two states. E.g. when the panel is expanded the arrow should point down. The current implementation of the arrows of course works correctly if align = top.

2. Compact button visible, align to left: In this configuration any controls on the left of the panel remain partially visible when the panel is compacted. Would be nice to have a vertically-oriented header with the header text to cover these.

Thanks, Bob

An event something like "OnChangeState" that fires when there's a change in either TTMSFNCPanelExpandState or TTMSFNCPanelCompactState would also be useful. 


We'll investigate this here and see what can be done about this.