How to change scroll line number in TTMSFMXMemo

I'd like to change the scroll line number in TTMSFMXMemo. It scrolls too many in default. How can I do it? Thanks!


I'm not sure I fully understand your question.
If you want to programmatically control the scroll position, you can use

TMSFMXMemo.TopLine: integer property.

I'd like to control the scroll bar in TMSFMXMemo control.

When I use the mouse wheel to scroll the line in Memo, it slides too many lines.
Is there any method or parameter that I can control the SmallChange and LargeChange in scroll bar of Memo?

At this moment, this is not yet configurable.
We'll add a public property with which you will be able to control this in a future update.

I updated TMS FMX pack to v3.6.3.0 and found it added the "WheelLineCount" property in TMSFMXMemo.

I tried to set it to 1:
   Memo->WheelLineCount = 1;
But it scrolls 13 lines.
In normal text editor, it usually scrolls 3 lines only.

C++ Builder 10.1 Berlin
32-bit Windows


We have investigated this here and have applied a fix for this issue. The next version will address this.