Scroll bars size


How to change the size of the V/H scroll bars on TTMSFMXTreeView and TTMSFMXMemo Components. The size of those scroll bars looks alien on macOS and I would like to change them to a smaller size.

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This is controlled by the FireMonkey framework and depends on the operating system. We will investigate if its possible to change the size of the scrollbars

I was able to do it for the Memo, but I do not know how to do it for the tree view control.

This worked fine under OS X:

Memo1.GetHScroll.Height := 10;
Memo1.GetVScroll.Width := 10;


We have meanwhile investigated this here and for changing the width of the scrollbar, you can use:

  TMSFMXTreeView1.VerticalScrollBar.Width := 10;
  TMSFMXTreeView1.HorizontalScrollBar.Height := 10;

Great, it is working for me.

Many thanks for your support.