FMX Memo still not right regarding scrolling

Sometimes it shows only little more than 1/2 of the lines when using the thumb to scroll (there are 1000 lines in that text file):

And sometimes it shows more lines than it should. There are exact 1000 lines, no cr/lf after, and it should not scroll to 1002:


Can you send us the text file so we can investigate here what is going wrong?

Its not a specific text file, but I will try to get it from the user. Might take 1-2 days.

Additionally, it scrolls opposite (Mac). Moving the mouse wheel down scrolls up and opposite.


We have applied a fix for the mouse wheel scrolling, the next version will address this.

And when will the next version be released? I sure cant have my customer wait long... or is there any patch I can apply for the meantime?

The fix is to remove the wd := -wd in the MouseWheel event handler.
This was added as this was a fix introduced in older versions of RAD Studio to reverse the mouse wheel scrolling.

procedure TTMSFMXMemo.MouseWheel(Shift: TShiftState;
  WheelDelta: Integer; var Handled: Boolean);
  vs: TScrollBar;
  n, wd: Integer;

  wd := WheelDelta;

  wd := -wd;

  if Assigned(FVertScrollBar) then
    vs := FVertScrollBar
    vs := GetVScroll;
  if Assigned(vs) and (wd <> 0) and vs.Visible then
    n := Round(LocalRect.Height / FCellSize.H) div 2;
    if wd > 0 then
      n := -n;
    vs.Value := FTopLine + n;

Ok, thank you, it works now :)


How can I fix this issue by modifying the TMS source code?
Should I re-compile it? And how to install to C++ Builder?

I only have C++ Builder standalone version.



For C++Builder please await the next version, which will fix this issue.