How to add SSL certificate and key files to xDataServer for HTTPS support.

Hi @wlandgraf and others,

I am using xDataServer to make webservice and it works fine with HTTP but not working with HTTPS.
I checked the TMS help link (Http Server | TMS Sparkle documentation) and followed same steps but no success. So request to help on setting HTTPS for xDataServer.

Following is the structure and components I use xDataServer project.

I have following certificate and key files that I want to find with Port 2002 for SSL support.

I have reserved the URL with using TMSHTTPConfig tool.

I have installed the certificates on Local Computer by using MMC

Now, when I bind the certificate to 2002 using TMSHTTPConfig tool then it gets following error.
In Selected Certificate -> I selected the 1st certificate one.


The same I get when I try from netsh command.

I went through many support topics and blogs, many have mentioned that can be a private key issue. Then in my case, how can I check if it is a private key issue.

And above certificate details seems does not have private key but the same folder have a KEY file, then will that not work. Or I need to regenerate the certificate with Key, if so how?

Hi @Jitendra_Gouda. First, thank you for the detailed post.

Indeed, it looks like a problem with your certificate. It's not related to TMS Sparkle as you saw that even in netsh it is not working. And, yes, one of the problems might be that your certificate does not have a private key, so you will have to regenerate it and make sure it includes the private key.

But there might be other reasons as well. Here is one nice answer from Stack Overflow:

  • The SSL cert is corrupt - you need to delete from the cert store and re-add.
  • The SSL cert is lacking a private key - you need to delete from the cert store and re-add the full public/private cert, or otherwise attach the private key to your certificate.
  • If installing on a pre-SP1 version of 2012R2, you may need KB 981506.
  • You may have added the SSL cert to your user store, and not the local machine cert store - delete from the user store and add to the machine store.

But there are plenty of discussion and possible solutions out there:

Thanks, The certificate was missing Private Key details. Once regenerated the certificate with Private then it worked.

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