Binding to http.sys over SSL with certificate on Windows server


I'm evaluating Xdata and Aurelieus.
As a first test I created a small server using RemoteDb.
Everything works fine locally, now I'm trying to deploy the windows application for test to a live server.
This server accepts only https and has a Godaddy SSL certificate running.
This certificate is now used in IIS to serve several web applications.
I would like to connect to the server from a simple client application.
I have uploaded the Httpsys tool to the server and added the following entry as a test: https://+:443/tms/remotedb
When I try to connect from the client application I get an error message: error 12175: Error in Server SSL Certificate. Certificate common name (host) mismatch.

I suppose I need to add the binding to the certificate to the server application?
I've been looking at Config.AddSslCert but it's not clear to me where to add this to the server application.

Thank you,
Bernaert Dominique

Hi. Have you bind the SSL Certificate to your app with Sparkle HttpSys Config Tool?



There is already an entry when I look at SSL.
Should I add another one?

When I try to add another entry I getn an error, I'm probably doing something wrong :slight_smile:

I'm not sure but I think that If you have IIS using port 443, than you need to bind your service to another port.

Hmm, no go.
I reserved 2001 and linked the SSL certificate to port 2001 but client still cannot connect.
I get an error know that the host cannot be reached.

Is your service configured and running on port 2001 ?
Any Firewall you need to open port 2001 ?

BTW, have you changed your root path on Httpsys config tool to



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Also, the problem may be elsewhere, so I'd recommend you googling on the previus error message "Certificate common name (host) mismatch" to see if it meets your cenario, eg:


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Hi Farias,
got it running.
Added nothing to http.sys.
Server startup: https://+:443/tms/remotedb
I was trying to access through the ip-address of the server with https, but the SSL certificate is on the domain, so trying to connect with works.

I got another error now when scrolling the data in the client application, but that is related to Firedac i think.


Also solved, connection parameters not defined correctly by me.

Thank you for your help!