Marker Double Click / Zoom Map

Hi TMS Team,

I'm starting migration of the project that contains 10+ Forms with "pairs" [TMS WebGMaps +TMS OS Maps components] to FNC Maps  / single map with 7 view map options.
I'll report some issues or wishes if found...
BTW new TMS FNC (Multi) Maps is really amazing feature (and approach) for our tasks, and our customers.

1. OS Maps vs FNC Maps :

1.1 Zoom  (Marker Double Click / Zoom Map)

Old OS Maps: 
 -  MapOptions.DisableDoubleClickZoom option
 - "Marker Double Click" Event - missing
New FNC Maps: 
 - no "disable dbl click zoom" option
 - Marker Double Click event is present

- after marker double click (OpenLayers, Azure) - map zoom is applied automatically and Marker popup is displayed. IMHO the system should not process any zoom if marker was found (clicked), 
and should not show popup for double click.

we use double-click to show markers (objects) info by opening a new form depending on marker type / status, etc. so, auto-zoom is not desirable (OpenLayers, Azure), or should be optional.

In TMS OS Maps we used a workaround (OnMarkerClick event + timer) and Disabled zoom on Dbl-Click. Everything worked fine.

1.2 Marker Info Popup (OpenLayers, TomTom, MapBox)
If you click on Marker several times, prev. popup is not deleted. vs Azure: marker click works as Hide/Show

Thank you.

We'll investigate this here as soon as possible.

Hi, We are currently investigating this issue here and will provide an update as soon as possible.

Thank you Peter.

This issue is not critical.
The "blocker" for us is "layout change" / re-init. 

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We have added a new property Options.ZoomOnDblClick, which can be use to turn on/off zooming (true by default). Additionally, the behaviour of double-clicking on a marker under certain services is expected behaviour (see sample below, double-clicking on azure marker also zooms in)