Guide for TAdvGridWorkbook

Is there any manual for TAdvGridWorkbook component?
The demo program is not enough for understanding of all features.

AdvGridWorkbook1.Grid.AddButton(0, 0, 16, 16, '', haRight, vaCenter);

generates error - Undeclared identifier: 'haRight'


do you have AdvGrid in your uses ?
in AdvGrid is definition:
  TCellHAlign = (haLeft,haRight,haCenter,haBeforeText,haAfterText,haFull);
Also I would like to have more manual or helps for another components TAdvOfficeStatusBar, etc... which is part of Component Pack

More documentation is being added all the time and has considerably grown already in the last year,

This is a continuous process and you can expect this to continue to grow also in 2012 considerably.