Using TAdvGridWorkbook?

I have another grid related problem.

I'm trying to use TAdvGridWorkbook and when i put it on form i can't do anything with it... Only method i see is onSheetChange, and there are few TAdvGridWorkbook properties... no way to access data in sheets...

When i restart delphi (2007), WorkBookGrid (TAdvStringGrid) component show up in my structure panel (but not in form class definition) as TAdvGridWorkbook child, and i can access all data in all sheets of xls file loaded into workbook....

Is there a way to manage this WorkBookGrid without restarting delphi?

I have grid related problems too but

I know first active sheet must be set

and then you can use

AdvGridWorkbook2.grid... like nearly Stringrid
I do no when and why the
WorkBookGrid (TAdvStringGrid) component shows up?

here are some screenshots of my problem....

this is after i add workbook control to my form

and workbookgrid3 show up after i restart delphi...

The component is not designed to acces the sheets at design time. Please note that the workbook is for resource reasons designed as a single grid that switches between in memory held cells. So, there is only one grid with which to interact and this grid can be interacted with via AdvGridWorkbook1.Grid.
You switch the sheet with the ActiveSheet property.