GridPDFIO ignoring merged cells

When a TAdvStringGrid has merged cells and is saved to pdf using TAdvGridPDFIO, these merged cells and theire content is completely ignored.

I cannot see an issue here.

Test code:

procedure TForm3.Button1Click(Sender: TObject);

procedure TForm3.FormCreate(Sender: TObject);

results in the PDF generated with merged cell as expected.
What are you doing different?
Our test result:

I narrowed it down:

I realized the error when testing merged cells, but it actually has nothing to do with merged cells. The following  applies to merged and not merged cells alike:
If the cell contains RichText and this text is center aligned, then it's not exported to pdf at all.
For left aligned (and as such exported) Text: Font size is ignored.
Umlauts are replaced by placeholders, e.g.: ö becomes &oum

I reported the last point a couple weeks/months ago but with the restriction that it only happens when I change the font. Now it always happens.
If you can't reproduce any of that, then I will do a demo project.

I just updated to ComponentPack version 8.7.3 and things got even worse.

The combination of AdvStringGrid with RichEditor as celleditor produces faulty behaviour again and saving as pdf is complete desaster.
I'll try to make a demo, it's too many errors to post them all here, but please have a look at this combination of components.
It makes me a bit nervous if a newer version has so much new errors that in part had already been fixed in older version.
I made a demo project with AdvStringGrid and a linked AdvRichEditorEditLink as CellEditor and a AdvRichEditorFormatToolbar and a AdvGridPDFIO.
Also Cell editing and sizing and drag and drop is activated to rearrange cell order.
This example shows that:
the font size is ignored in pdf export
right or middle aligned text is not exported to pdf
Umlauts are replaced in pdf
The following content manually entered in the Grid: 

results to this pdf (don't know why there is a line on the left side).

See here the project source:

The PDF engine has issues with the produced HTML. We're investigating this.

You also mention there are issues with the richeditor as inplace editor for the grid. What exact issue do you see with this as we don't see this in the demo provided.

I did this demo from scratch and some issues didn't appear anymore (like setting the font size to another value than default and after leaving the cell the font size was default again).

Only one issue is still there with the demo:
When entering text in a cell that starts with an umlaut, like "Öl", then the first letter gets small again after leaving the cell ("öl"). But that also doesn't happen every time.

We traced & solved this umlaut issue and can confirm the next update will address this.


Will the next update also include the fix for font size, style and alignment in pdf?

That is still on our todolist. But it is our aim to do so.

Hello, I just tested the demo project with the new Component Pack

Even though I couldn't see any issues anymore with the rich formatting inside the AdvStringGrid, the exported pdf has zero formatting from the StringGrid. No alignment, no font size, Umlauts still don't work, no bold/italic...
Could you say when this is due to be fixed ?
Or is something else necessary to pass the formatting?