Bugs with AdvRichEditor in AdvStringGrid

AdvStringGrid version

OS: Win8
Delphi XE3 Pro
when using the AdvRichEditor in a AdvStringGrid as cell editor according to this example: http://www.tmssoftware.com/site/asg91.asp
the Popup appears when hovering over selected text with mouse (so far so good). When selecting the complete text of a cell and then changing the size of this selected text, let's say size 20, and then hovering again over this text with the mouse so that the RichEditor Popup appears again, the popup is huge because it applies size 20 font to himself.
Clicking outside the cell then, the size of the text gets small again.
When clicking inside this cell again, so that the richeditor is activated, the font gets the size that was adjusted.
Please let me know if you can reproduce this or if I have to explain better.

I have been trying to reproduce this but I have not been able to.

It is also unclear what you refer to with : 'the popup is huge because it applies size 20 font to himself'?
There isn't anything in the popup that is affected by the font size of the selected text. So, it is unclear what exactly you refer to and how to reproduce the issue?
I actually reported two errors that I may not have seperatly explained well:

1) The size of PopUp takes the size of the cell text
2) The size of the cell text resets itself when focus of cell is left.

1: I wrote this happens if the complete text font size is changed, but actually it depends only on the last letters font size.

2: This effect indeed only happens if the complete text of the cell is changed in font size.
Step by Step:
-Enter a Text e.g. "Test" in an empty cell
-Select complete text, and change font to e.g. 16 (by PopUp or ToolBar doesn't matter)
-Leave cell -> text is still correctly displayed in font size 16
-Enter cell again with double click to edit and select complete text
-Hover over selected text -> Popup appears in size 16 (effect from error 1)
-Now leave cell again without having changed anything -> Text size is small again, respectively default
-Enter cell again and font size is back to 16, but only in edit mode, as soon as cell is left, size returns to be default
Image upload before didn't work, here again:

Thanks for these details.. This helped to trace & solve this issue
We can confirm this will be addressed in the next update.

Also the bulletin points seem to have an issue. If the cell text contains an arrow as bullet, it is changed to a point as soon as the cell is left.

The rich text is converted to HTML and the grid cell renders the HTML. At this moment, there is not yet support for taking the bullet type in account in this conversion. We'll investigate if we can add support for this in a future update.

I just tested it with new component pack 8.6

The issue with text size of Popup has been fixed, but text size issue of cell is still there.
1) So changing the text size of the complete text in a cell with AdvRickEdit as editor to e.g. 20
2) leaving cell -> text size still 20
3) entering cell -> text size still 20
4) leaving cell again -> text gets small

We traced & fixed this issue. The next update will address this.