TWebXLSX - Formatting options?

I really like this component - awsome!
Is there any possibility to set column sizes or row heights?

Thank you for your support!

At this moment unfortunately not yet

You can connect a WebStringGrid to the TWebXLSX component and then use the grid properties RowHeight[index] and ColWidth[index] to set row height and column width.
And yes, the TWebXLSX components is awesome.

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Hmm. Can´t get this to work. In which order do you apply things?

After installation of TWebXLSX component there is a demo. This explains how to get it working.

I found this demo:
There a XLSX is loaded into a WebStringGrid and the cells are formatted accorning to the XLSX (Which, I suppose, would function the opther way round, too). But I can not see a how to set column sizes or row heights. Am I missing something?

The webstringgrid has the properties RowHeight en ColWidth.

WebStringGrid.ColWidths[1] := 250;
WebStringGrid.RowHeigths[1] := 25;


Well, yes, but this does not affect the generated XLSX, does it?

No, it does not.