Grid Added Button Font Color

How can I change the color / font-color of a button I added with Grid.AddButton(...) into a AdvStringGrid ?
On dark styles Button is silver and Caption is white, which is not readable very well.

Thanks !

The grid internally uses operating system APIs to show a button in the cell and these operating system APIs show the button in default operating system button color. There is unfortunately not a built-in way to change the colors with these operating system API calls.


I have the very same problem. Is there any workaround?
Buttons are not readable at all in some cases, as for LightGray background and white text.
Actually is almost useless. What do you suggest to use?


It is unclear what settings you use that could cause an issue.
As explained, we use the operating system button drawing APIs, so the button should be displayed in the default operating system defined button color and button text color, typically black font on gray button.

If you somehow have a different situation, can you provide more details how to reproduce?