TTMSFNCGrid Set Color to Button Column


I have a TTMSFNCGrid in one TWebForm...

I add columns in runtime...

One of this columns is added as a Button.

I use the method TTMSFNCGrid.AddButton...


 sgGRID.AddButton(0,1,'Text 1'); // --> Add button in columns zero, line 1 with text 'Text 1'

It runs fine but i do not know how can i modify the color of the button and the color of the font of the button.

I try this:


But not run.

Can you help me ?


Unfortunately this is not possible. The button has a fixed appearance and cannot be changed. We'll investigate the possibilities of styling the button.

Ok. Thanks.

I think that with this fix appearance of the button it cannot be used in production.

I will use the Image Control to do this (AddBitmap). This is ok for me.

But for capture the click on this image control, the fncgrid have a OnCellBitmapClick but this event not run...

I use the generic OnCellClick event for capture the event...

Is ok for me...


Is it possible in meantime to style a button? Else this function is useless for a well designed app (with TMSFMXGrid the style book was used to design the button).