Graphic bug


I use TAdvToolPanel and TAdvToolbar. When i put a TCheckbox on this two component the background of the Checkbox is black on a XP machine.

On Seven it's all good.

I have try to disable ParentColor on the TCheckbox but it do nothing.

Have you any idea?

Thank's for your help.

  1. Is there any parent/child relationship between TAdvToolPanel & TAdvToolBar? Is the TAdvToolBar on the TAdvToolPanel?  Is the checkbox then on the TAdvToolPanel or TAdvToolBar?
    2) Do you run the app with or without theming?
    3) Did you try to see if changing DoubleBuffered setting on form and/or controls makes a difference?

Dear Mister Fierens,

1) no the two element are on different form :
- In one form i have a TForm->TAdvDockPanel->TAdvToolBar
- In one another form i have a TForm->TADvToolPanelTab->TAdvToolPanel

2) For the TAdvDockPanel i use a TAdvToolbarOfficeStyler associed on the ToolbarStyler property
For the TADvToolPanelTab i use a AdvFormStyler plugged on the form with Style property to tsoffice2003Classic.

3) Doublebuffered was already to True on the Checkbox, i have test doublebuffered on the Form but that have no effect.

I will try to start from a empty form and use a TADvToolPanelTab without style to see if i have the problem too.

If you have any other idea during this time i am listening :)

Thank's for your help.

So, i try in a new Project, a new form, just plugged a TADVToolpanelTab and Add a TADVToolpanel.

I have not touch the style of it, so it is esOffice2003Blue the default style.

And finally just plug an Tcheckbox. Started on Seven no problem, but started on XP, I see a graphical problem (All the Background of the Checkbox is black)

Hope this is helpfull.


More infos : Delphi XE6 and the latest version of TADVToolPanel (

Last test :

Change the VCL Style, if i take another vcl style that Windows it's ok, I haven't anymore the graphical problem on XP.

So it's limited to CheckBox plug on TMS Software component with Windows VCL Stryle seleted and the application started on XP.

have you reproduce this problem too?


it happened to me also but I discovered as Bruno says that this was the case only when windows themes were used in windows xp

On machines without themes it displayed ok.

Hope that helps.

I don't know why this happens but perhaps Bruno could explain more.



Any news Mister Fierens?


Sorry but i need to fixe this problem without change de vcl style.

A workaround should be to set

advtoolpanel.DoubleBuffered := false;
in the form's OnCreate event.
We'll look if we can apply a fix at ToolPanel level.

Ok thank's it work.

For information i have see this problem on TAdvtoolpanel and Tadvtoolbar.