TAdvToolPanel flickering


When some AdvToolPanel  from AdvToolPanelTab collection is locked/unlocked it flickers.
This flickering is quite annoying, especcialy when AdvToolPanel hosts another components, like smooth controls or some form.

Any hint how to suppress AdvToolPanel flickering when locked/unlocked?

Could verify if the problem is solved by playing with the DoubleBuffered property on form level 

I've tried with double buffering, but the problem still persists.  When AdvToolPanelTab is positioned on the left (Position = ppLeft), flickering is not so visible. When AdvToolPanelTab is positioned on the right (Position = ppRight) even parent form caption bar is flickering.

BTW, I'm working with BCB6

We cannot immediately reproduce this here. Is there a high number of controls on your form that could cause slowness in alignment updates as this is what happens when you lock/unlock the panel, the alignment of the controls on the form changes and the VCL updates the alignment therefore of controls.

I have created a small project with only one standard Tpanel with alClient and one TAdvToolPanelTab and three TAdvToolPanels. One of the panels contains few buttons and one of them toggles alignment of PanelTab left/right.
It still flickers, especially when aligned to the right. 

Please contact us by email and include your test project source in attachment so we can investigate this.

Hi all...

i also use this. I can reproduce this with an empty ToolPanel on the right Site.

W7 64Bit, DXE

Same situation here: Windows 7, 64bit, Delphi XE but no flicker.
Are you using a slow pc? Slow graphics card?


CPU: AMD Athlon 64 X2, 3000MHz, 6000+
Grafik: nVIDIA GeForce 8500 GT

...should be enough  :-)


more Info´s:
- only the right twenty ( i cant count it .-) ) Pixels from Top to Bottom are flickering when sliding out and in

We have now understood and seen what you refer to.
Appears to be non trivial issue. We've already applied an improvement that makes it slightly better and are further investigating if a solution can be found.

Is there a resolution to the flickering problem? My project is affected by flickering when the tool panel is rolled out and I refresh controls on the panel. I have not found a way to reduce it.

Thank you

What are the circumstances in your application that cause this?
Did you first of all try out the obvious DoubleBuffered settings?

Hi Bruno,

Yes, I have double buffering on. In my app I have a roll out panel that is an email list. The list gets refreshed through polling when the panel is pinned open. Each time I poll I redraw the list and I get a flicker on the host screen behind it. During redraw if have begin update and end update set around the refresh code.


Can this be made visible by the ToolPanels demo?