TAdvToolbarForm paint problems


I'm developping an application under Delphi XE2 using TMS Menus (AdvToolBar) and frames.
I've got some paint problems with components on the frame when the owner of the frame is TAdvToolbarForm, but everything works fine if the owner is TForm. I've also have no problems if I turn the execution themes off.

I've found that I can easily reproduce the problem by creating a new project (TMS Office 2007 ribbon application) and add a TPanel in the AdvToolbar1 component. The panel is not correctly drawn even in the IDE.

I would appreciate any help or suggestion.



Try to set Panel.DoubleBuffered = false

Thank you very much for the advice, that was the trick!

I knew that the DoubleBuffered option could make some strange results, and already disabled it for my frames container (TPageControl). I now tried to disable the ParentDoubleBuffered and since then everything works fine!

Thanks again very much for you very helpful support.