Access folder by name TmsCloud Google Drive

I am developing an application backup with Google Drive, need to access a folder already created earlier to send the file to this folder, but will not have TreeView or user interaction, I need an example of how to access a folder by name with a TCloudItem, there is no such example in the demo project. Could anyone help me? 

PS: I am using google translate, sorry if I was misunderstood.

After you called AdsGDrive.GetDriveInfo, the collection AdvGDrive.Drive contains all information about your Google drive.
You can loop through this collection to retrieve the folder items where you want to upload files and pass that along the AdvGDrive.Upload() method.

Thanks, i go try and result post  here.


isn't too long if user has a huge number of files ?

You can now also use SearchFile() to get the info of only items matching your search criteria.

Nice !

Thank you.

I’m able to search on filename, but not on files extensions ?