Get back functionality and look for SearchEdit


I'm using the FMXSearchEdit button, because where is a Magnifying glass and a delete cross.

How can I get this with the FNC version?

Or is there a way to install the FMX Version again?



Right now, the search edit is not available in FNC, but we are currently working on migrating missing components.


How can I use the old one?

The FNC was sold as the follower of FMX and I need to solve it today. (customer waits for the software).

I tried to install the Project from the FMX UI Pack. But I get errors during compiling (Delphi 12).

My old subsciption ended and I byed the complete package.



You open the Delphi 11 packages, compile and install them in Delphi 12.

I tried to compile the sources. But I got a lot of errors. :frowning: