Install Failure TMS FNC UI Pack

I am trying to install the TMS FNC UI Pack on Delphi 10.2.3 and it keeps on failing.
The installer "succeeds" (no errror message and it says "success") but the process goes  and no BPLs are created anywhere.
According to the log file there is a problem with the TTMSFNCSearchEditButton in the unit "FMX.TMSFNCSearchEdit.pas".

Extract from the log file:
C: \ Users \ lrcu \ Documents \ tmssoftware \ TMS FNC UI Pack \ FMXTMSFNCUIPackPkgDXE11.dproj "(Build target) (1) ->
(_PasCoreCompile target) ->
   FMX.TMSFNCSearchEdit.pas (913): error E2010: Incompatible types: 'TComponent' and 'TTMSFNCSearchEditButton'
   FMXTMSFNCUIPackPkgDXE11.dpk (116): error F2063: Unused unit 'FMX.TMSFNCSearchEdit.pas' can not be compiled

The attempt to compile manually also fails.
Is this problem known and is there a solution?

best regards

Hi Roland,

I run into the same problem yesterday, and I solved it by replacing 'Self' with 'nil'. That's because in that context 'Self', a TTMSFNCSearchEditButton,  is a direct TPersistent descendant, it does not inherits from TComponent. At any rate, the destructor takes care of freeing the memory allocated in the constructor, so even if 'Self' were compatible, it wouldn't have made sense in face of a explicit destruction.

On the other hand, TPersistent may not be a suitable parent, so I am submitting this to the support team for approval - or not. :-)

The units needing the fix are


and their VCL counterparts.


Kind regards,
Carlos Tré

Please install the latest version that will fix any outstanding issues regarding the following components: