Can Flexcel open HTML files ?

Hello there,

I have a HTML file containing tables and I have to convert it in Excel. Can I open the HTML file and convert it to Excel via Flexcel ?

Many thanks

Sorry, we don't support opening html files. The problem being that html is a very loose specification: It might be from a table with td/tr, to a css table, to a fully made in javascript thing. If we added support for that, the next day we would get tons of tickets of it not working with some html file.

If you know the html format you are trying to import, then you can manually parse it (normally just finding the <td> tags and use xls.SetCellFromHtml to enter the cells into FlexCel. But doing a "general html" parser is just a too big thing. 

We are looking anyway for some basic html parser for FlexCel 7, knowing that we'll get many complains of it not working with specific html files. But currently there isn't support for any html file.

Thanks for your quick answer, Adrian.

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