Force sqare brackets (mssql) in generated script

I generated a set of classes with datamodeler starting from a MYSQL database.

I would use AURELIUS to transport this classes in a MS-SQL DB (for the generation of the DB structure).
Unfortunally there are some problems with the character "-" in field names.
The problem disappear if I (manually) change the script (generated from the DBManager) enclosing the fieldnames with "-" in a square brackets (the same way it is done-automatically- for fields name with space character inside.
Can you help?

You can add the following code in your script tab to automatically add brackets when there is a "-" in field name:

procedure OnColumnGenerated(Args: TColumnGeneratedArgs);
  Expr: TCodeSnippetExpression;
  Expr := TCodeSnippetExpression(Args.ColumnAttr.Arguments[0].Value);
  if Pos('-', Expr.Value) > 0 then
    Expr.Value := '''[' + Copy(Expr.Value, 2, Length(Expr.Value) - 2) + ']''';

Great! It works perfectly! Such a great feature this scripting possibility!