Support for quoted table/fieldname

I my existing database has table /fields names which are reserverd i have to add double quotes to them
for example [Talble("user")]. it works okay.
But If i'd like to use another DB for example SQlite memory db in unit tests,
It can't create that table cause it tries to create index CONSTRAINT PK_"user" PRIMARY KEY (nimi))

Now I can manage currently with
dbm.SQLExecutionEnabled := false;
and then doing some stringreplacing ...

You can use OnGetIdName event to tell Aurelius which identifiers should be double quoted:

  (TSQLGeneratorRegister.GetInstance.GetGenerator('MSSQL') as TAnsiSQLGenerator)
    .OnGetIdName :=
      function(AName: string): string
        Result := AName;
        if SameText(AName, 'User') then
          Result := '"' + AName + '"';