fnctableview issue


Seems you continue with errors from FMX UI Pack to FNC UI Pack

Now is turn to FCNtableview, once I fill the table with some items and one item is selected ... I can't call the items.clear procedure because it crash my App.

Attached video

If you clear items, please also clear the selected item. It makes no sense to keep the item selected since it will no longer exist after clearing the items.

In the video showed above.... the idea was to "keep" item selected because my enduser know what was the last item he selected so he can decide to select it again or move to another item.

But in such case it's an issue from your side because if I decide to call "clear" items you must know that I did not want any of them listed on the tableview it does not matter if some item is black or brown or font size 55, or in this case was selected, seems you make an excuses to not accept the bug in your component.

You are telling me with such answer that I need to know all the defects you have on FNCtableview, if this is the case then put all the rulez in some document so all the TMS FNC customers need to know and not expose your issues in this forum... how about that?