Attempting to edit a component TTMSFNPlanner causes the Lazarus IDE to crash

In the package, some things work a little better, others a little worse with LCL. Aside from the poor state of the LCL demo catalog (basically nothing compiles without code fixes), however, the biggest problem is with TTMSFNPlanner. And here's a hot request for someone to look at it on the TMS side. After adding the Planner component on the form, trying to edit it causes an access violation and the whole IDE crashes. Nothing can be done. This can be observed in the Demo directory, in both examples. Interestingly, the program compiles, only editing the form is impossible. To check it, I also created a clean project and added a component. The effect is the same, when trying to edit Planner the whole IDE crashes.
I would very much appreciate for Your help on this. Lazarus version 2.2.4 (current) and Win64x.

in Lazarus trunk and FPC 3.2.3 x86 is ok (no crashes)

Unfortunately we don't support various combinations of Lazarus and FPC. Please stick to the official build. If there are issues with Lazarus or certain combinations I suggest to communicate this with the Lazarus team

@Pieter You did not read my post carefully. The component does not work in the current version. The stable version is 2.2.4 and it doesn't work in it. There is nothing to report to Lazarus, this is a problem in the package. Tests are done in a model environment: the stable version of the Lazarus compiler and Windows x64. In general, instead of bouncing the ball like on World Cup maybe you would finally verify the package? Try to go through the Demo catalog and you will see for yourself where the errors are. I don't want to be malicious, but references to non-existent packages (because they changed the name), wrong color definitions and so on, it really shows badly about the quality control of your code.
Look in the mirror first. Two weeks we talk about the existing problem, and you have not checked the topic. And I will add that it takes 5 minutes to catch it.


I misread your post. I assumed you were working with the release from the trunk. After further investigation it seems that this is an regression in the stable version of Lazarus, which does not occur with the trunk version. We'll see if we can find a workaround.