FNCGrid dos not save hidden columns even when SaveHiddenCells = True

FNCGrid is not saving hidden columns, even when SaveHiddenCells = True.
I've been loading saved streams and noticed I was losing data.

  AGrid.SaveHiddenCells := True;
  AGrid.IOOffset := Point(0, 0);
  st := TStringStream.Create('');

After this, I inspect st.DataString, and the hidden columns are not there.

SaveToCSVStream calls OutputToCSVStream . The only place where it checks SaveHiddenCells it just sets a variable (n) that will make the columns loop go further than ColumnCount (why doesn't it use TotalColumnCount?).

Anyway, OutputToCSVStream then calls DoSaveCell.

DoSaveCell uses Cells[c,r]. Shouldn't it somewhere use AllCells[c,r] to access hidden cells ?