I have a FNC Grid with 1 FixedColumn, 5 columns from dataset, defined in adapter and a navigator.
After i click the refresh button in navigator, the last column of the grid is lost.

After debugging, i found:
In TMSFNCGridDatabaseAdapter, on line 427, in ActiveChange procedure, the column count is:
Grid.ColumnCount := Columns.Count + Grid.FixedColumns + Grid.FixedRightColumns;

so, after activating i have all columns (including the fixed one).

but at line 2740, in UpdateVisibleFields procedure, the column count is:
Grid.ColumnCount := Columns.Count;

which means i lose the last column after refresh.
changing this line the same as in 427, fixed the problem.

Thanks for notifying, we have applied this improvement, next version will have this fix included.