FNCGrid cells alignment don't run (to the right) after inserting column


If I have a grid and then insert a column, the cells/columns HorzAlignment info is not run to the right of the new column. What kind of update/refresh is needed after inserting a column?

If hide the newly inserted column, everything looks fine again, but then what to do if I need this column visible?
.Update; .UpdateGridCellDisplay; or UpdateGridCells; had no effect.

I'm afraid it also would affect other layout properties that may not be run to the right/bottom after inserting rows or columns; right now I'm just looking the HorzAlignment.

Now I see that it may be the root reason of the issue I had when using databaseadapter & hidden fields: FNC Grid HorzAlignment

Now It's with a grid that is not database-connected.

I had to do this to fix HorzAlignment:

for n := MyGrid.Columns.Count - 1 downto 2 do
        MyGrid.Columns[n].HorzAlignment := MyGrid.Columns[n - 1].HorzAlignment;

You can always override all settings with the OnGetCellLayout

I know that. I've used this before. But this is definitely not a solution, it's a patch.
And we're just talking about HorzAlignment. There are certainly other layout attributes that are also not being moved correctly after an insertion.
I would have to maintain a separate list with cells/columns alignment (and other layout attributes) to assign them dynamically again using an event.
Or save all these attributes before inserting a column and them rearrange them later.

It doesn't make sense, considering that I'm using a component precisely to avoid a lot of low-level programming.
When you insert a column you'd expect that all previous data and formats will be shifted correctly.


We are aware of this shortcoming and are addressing this.