Set FNCGrid column to fixed


when I try to set a grid column (TTMSFNCGridColumn) to fixed by code or at designtime its just irgnored (I know that I can archive it in the OnGetCellIsFixed event). Is that the wanted behaviour?

With best regards - Ulrich

Are you using BeginUpdate/Endupdate?

Normally not, but I tested it (Linux Mint / Lazarus trunk / qt & gtk2) with using it and without - behaviour is the same.

Best regards - Ulrich 

We have investigated this here and have applied a fix for this issue, the next version will address this.

Thank you :-)

Additionaly it seems to be that the Columns[].HorzAlignment is not working correctly for fixed cells/columns

You either need to use Columns, or cell properties. To use the HorzAlignment you can turn off the columns with Grid.UseColumns := False;

Ok, I guess I got it. At first, its a little bit confusing. UseColumns = false is by default, so when defining a column alignment and after that defining a different alignment for a single cell in that column, the alingment for the complete column changes. When I set UseColumns = true, I can redefine the alignment for just a single cell and the alignment for the rest of the columns cells are unchanged. Or with other words, when set UseColumns = false, the cell alignment is valid for the complete column.

Thank you for enlighten me :-)