FNC Grid Layout/Columns/Sizing

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  1. When I add columns to the grid, why is the ColumnCount not updated? Am I supposed to manually set the ColumnCount?

  2. When I move columns, how can I acces the cells in their original order? I can name the columns and retrieve the index of the columns by their name - is there a more elegant way?

  3. When I set the SyncWithGrid to true, the width of the last/rightmost col is not in sync. How can I make the columns resize accordingly to resizing the grid? And: When SyncWithGrid is set, I can not set the widths of the cols any more. Am I missing something?

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Ad 2 - AFAICS I can use The AllCells[] for this, right?

  1. Hi, The columns collection is automatically updated when you set the ColumnCount, not vice versa, you should first set the ColumnCount property, and then adapt the columns properties.
  2. If you swap columns, you need to use DisplToRealColumn to convert to the original column number
  3. You should not use SyncWithGrid, please use Options.Columns.Stretch & StretchAll property