FNC Grid Columns Alignment when datafield.visible = false

Using XDataWebDataSet / FNCGridDatabaseAdapter / FNCGrid .

When a datasetfield.Visible = False, all grid column alignments from this field to the right are misasigned, taking the previous column alignment.

This is unfortunately by design, the database adapter does not pick up Visible property of a field. Please just exclude the field from the dataset instead.

It apparently picks up somehow. The field is not shown in the grid. The problem is that somehow the columns properties, or at least the column Alignment, gets ran to the right when there's an invisible column among the others.
The grid applies the alignment that would correspond to the invisible field column, and then all the others get the alignment of it's previous column.

In my case, I need the field in the dataset, I can't remove it, so I moved it to the last position - this way there’s no problem with grid columns.

Alternatively, you can leave Visible property to True, and use TMSFNCGrid1.SuppressColumn to hide it from the grid.