FNC printing troubles

What are the correct settings for making TMSFNCPrinter and related components work correctly?

Tried with VSC and Delphi, on Windows or Mac. Tested with PDF printer, Epson, HP and all the printer drivers seems the same. Tried the samples and my own code based on them, all yield the same result.

TMSFNCPrinter LetterSize.pdf (275.2 KB)

The problem is that the letter size paper produces three pages. First is empty, second is the one I want and the third is empty. As if it has a giant empty header and a giant empty footer. Legal size seems correct but is not the default on any printer at my customer's company. Other sizes result in weird pagination too.

I am porting to WebCore Single Page App a good old php application I have working for more than 7 years now. On that old app, for printing, a webpage is generated in a new tab, the user presses CMD-P on the mac or CTRL-P to generate a print preview. The customer then says if needs a ticket printed or by email, or a pdf printed from there. Then the user closes the tab. But I want it to work in a more modern fashion.
FNC printer and graphics IO in theory seem good, but I have not found a way to control that weird pagination behavior when not even the samples work well.

We will investigate this.
For the moment it might be possible to use the FNCPDFLib to create a pdf and then print it from in the view.

Thank you. Will try that. In the meantime I am generating a page an triggering a javascript print(), seems to work fine.