Printing forms and reports with WebCore

I am using WebCore to create a web version of my Delphi Rio Windows application. So far so good, however, I am having difficulty envisioning a way to print the necessary forms and reports that go with my Windows application. What is the best solution to a printing platform for WebCore developed applications, that will be similar in functionality as the Report Builder based Windows applications?

  1. let reports generate by the backend and send these to the client as explained in this article:

  2. Use the FNC PDF library and generate the report as PDF on the fly from the web client application.
    This demo demonstrates this:

Good morning Bruno. I am trying to use TMSFNCPDFLib in an application. An error appears in the WEBLib.TMSFNCUtils file:
"[Error] WEBLib.TMSFNCUtils.pas (2971): identifier not found" Size ""

This is because the latest TMS FNC releases were already developed against TMS WEB Core v1.7.
The v1.7 beta is now out for all registered users and FNC components can be used with it.