FNCWebBrowser: javascript printing support?


I'm using TMSFNCWebBrowser in an iOS/Android app to navigate through an own web site. In that website I use JS Window.print() to print the page contents (and some DataTables with printing and export to Excel, PDF or CSV capabilities).

If I open the website directly in Chrome or Edge browser in Android, or Safari in iOS, it works fine. I can print and even export to Excel, etc. (file is downloaded).

However, in my app using FNCWebBrowser, the print or export buttons do nothing.

I suppose there are printing limitations in iOS/Android as FNCWebBrowser is not a 'real' browser, but I would like to know if there is any alternative to achieve this or if it is impossible right now.


The FNC webbrowser is an embedded browser and does not offer all functionality that a real browser offers. This is also done to make sure there are no competition browser being recreated that could concurr with Apple, Google and Microsoft browsers. There is much functionality just simply not exposed. There are workarounds, but they all involve a lot of native code capturing the screen / drawing screen views to a bitmap canvas. Right now, there is no printing support included in TTMSFNCWebBrowser. We have added this on our feature request list.

Hi, Pieter.

Thanks for the clarification.

I noticed there are some features that doesn't work in embedded browsers:

  • printing
  • Javascript geolocation API (or navigator.permissions, i'm not sure which one is failing)
  • file download (for example if I generate a CSV, Excel or PDF file it is not downloaded nor prompted)

These features do work in Chrome or Edge in Android, but not in embedded browser. I know if is very difficult to include this as it depends on system limitations/restrictions.

Thanks for considering the printing support!