FNC Planner & FNC Planner Database Adapter


I have a FNC Planner with a FNC Planner Database Adapter.
I use a Custom Editor which I have 2 FNC DateTimePicker's for date and time range Selection.

When I Save the First planner entry - this saves All OK.
subsequent entries Save but with Random dates & time entries, not what I entered into the dateTimePicker fields, this also happens when i start the application from fresh.

I am even setting the "Planner.MasterStartdateTime" & "Planner.MasterEnddateTime", but this is having no effect.

Please advise what am I missing, been trying to figure this our for days.

Your help is much appreciated.


When an item is written to the database, it reads the item StartTime & EndTime properties. Writing an item to the database is done with UpdateItem, which is called after closing the inplace editor, moving or sizing an item or when closing the dialog editor. When do you invoke the custom editor? If the custom editor is not integrated into the planner, and there is no action happening like defined when UpdateItem is called, you can manually call UpdateItem to save changes. UpdateItem is a method at planner database adapter level.


Thanks you for your replay - Once I get the FNC DatetimePicker issues fixed (another logged call), I will investigate this further.