FNCPlanner & FNCPlannerdatabaseAdapter

Hello. When storing "StartTime" & "EndTime" in the planner, the dates being stored in the DB look to come from the TMSFNCPlannerItem.MasterStartDateTime & TMSFNCPlannerItem.MasterEndDateTime
The dates being stored are random and not those specified in "StartTime" & "EndTime".
What are these "MasterStart/EndDateTime"? why would these be stored in the DB. The documentation does not mention these - I would like a better understanding what these are for?

Thank you.

Only when an item is recurrent, the MasterStartDateTime & MasterEndDateTime are used. Please look at this code (coming from the database adapter)

      if it.Recurrent then
        dts := it.MasterStartDateTime + (it.StartTime - it.OldStartTime);
        dte := it.MasterEndDateTime + (it.EndTime - it.OldEndTime);
        dts := it.StartTime;
        dte := it.EndTime;

when it is not recurrent, the item should be stored in the database with the default StartTime & EndTime. If you have a recurrent item, you also need to make sure the recurrency format is stored. Both normal and recurrent items are demonstrated in the database sample available in the demos folder located in ..users\public\documents\tmssoftware\TMS FNC UI Pack Demos