TTMSFNCPlanner: Items Not Being Added.

Clearly I'm doing something wrong because, when I try adding an item, it's not appearing in the planner.

I've tried this:

                                 AppointmentDialog.mmoNotes.Text).Resource := ResourceNumber;

as well as this:

         Appointment := Planner.Items.Add;
         Appointment.Title := AppointmentDialog.edtTitle.Text;
         Appointment.Text := AppointmentDialog.mmoNotes.Text;
         Appointment.StartTime := AppointmentStartDateTime;
         Appointment.EndTime := AppointmentEndDateTime;
         Appointment.Resource := ResourceNumber;

The code executes but the item isn't added.  I've checked the values and they're all correct but I must be missing something.

The planner is linked to a TTMSFNCPlannerDatabaseAdapter, which is linked to a TDataset that is connected to a database table.  All of the fields have been defined in the TTMSFNCPlannerDatabaseAdapter.

= Steve

There is not sufficient detail to know what exactly you are doing.

To programmatically add items, it is important that these are added within the min & max time of the timeline you are view in the TMSFNCPlanner.

On the other side, you mention you use the TTMSFNCPlannerDatabaseAdapter so, in this scenario, the Planner view reflects the dataset and so, you'd add events directly in the dataset.
I've decided to go with the VCL planner instead.  I really like the look of the FNC planner but there are just too many holes in the documentation for me.  As so many things are undocumented, eg. many of the events, I'm wasting too much time guessing and using trial and error to fumble my way though it, and that's having a large impact on productivity. 

The documentation for the VCL planner seems a little more thorough with a lot more example code, so I'm going to give that a go.

= Steve